Citadel Colour STC Large Dry Brush

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Citadel Colour STC Large Dry Brush

Citadel Colour STC Large Dry Brush

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Product Details

Drybrush large models in a snap

Get consistent highlights across your army

Synthetic bristles help prevent brush curling

As many commanders of the Astra Militarum may know, getting an entire column of vehicles ready for the battlefield can be a daunting task, but it needn't be with the L Dry brush. Blessed with a large, flat profile and stiffer bristles than regular Citadel brushes, it's the premier tool for quickly drybrushing large areas on imposing models like the Imperial Knight Warden or Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant.

As a Citadel STC brush, the bristles have been made out of the finest 100% synthetic fibres Games Workshop have ever produced, helping to maintain the ideal brush shape and prevent curling at the tip. This brush has been carefully designed to quickly add raised detail across large surfaces. It's an excellent companion to regular Citadel brushes, designed to work perfectly with the Citadel Colour paint range.

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